Business English Course 2021 VCE

Tres semanas de curso de inglés para negocios en Wimbledon School of English más alojamiento en casa de familia en habitación individual por 3 semanas, con desayuno y cena de lunes a domingo, más actividades socio culturales OPCIONALES Y OPTATIVAS en Londres, París, Edimburgo, Oxford y Ámsterdam.

The Business and Professional English course is designed for people who are either currently working in the business sector or planning to do so in the future. It is open to students at Higher Intermediate Plus and above (B2 on the CEFR) and it runs all year round.
Classes are taught by extremely experienced Business English teachers. Course Content A range of language associated with a variety of business topics is studied. Vocabulary is developed and practised through role-plays and discussions of case studies taken from current newspapers and business journals, and various writing disciplines will be studied.
Practice is also given in project work, and teachers negotiate course content with students in order to ensure that students’ needs and interests are catered for.

Classes include:

Business Communication Skills Topics
Meetings & discussions Company structures
Negotiations Sales & marketing
Giving presentations Advertising
Socializing & travel e-Business
Telephoning Finance & banking
Writing & responding to e-mails Intercultural issues
Reading & writing reports Management
Commercial correspondence Recruitment
Reading & interpreting data Public Relations
Intensive listening International trade
Identifying & solving problems Globalization
Summarizing Quality & business ethics
Health & Safety

Los transfers in/out están incluidos. Aéreos incluidos. Los materiales, la matrícula de inscripción y el certificado final están incluidos en el costo total.
También se ofrece un programa de actividades socio culturales que incluyen una visita al Parlamento, a la Suprema Corte de Justicia y diversos lugares de interés en Londres, más excursiones a Oxford, Paría, Edimburgo y Ámsterdam.

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